Intro to The Native Tourist

Moving can be quite stressful, especially if it happens to be to another country. You have to be prepared to face new challenges and learn new things in order to properly fit into your new home.

As half Peruvian and half American, I’ve experienced this transition twice. This means I’ve had to revisit my own culture and thus feel like a kind of “native tourist”.

I recently went back to Peru to visit my father and ended up staying 8 months. In that time I learned how different Peru was from the United States through my adult eyes.

During this time I had to relearn Peruvian culture enough to not stand out in a crowd as the “gringo”. I saw things that as a kid I wouldn’t have appreciated as much as I do now.

This blog will take you on a journey of wonder through Peruvian culture, and see what I’ve seen and learned through my experience as a “native tourist”.

Peru is home to the best foods, best places, and most interesting traditions, sometimes hidden to the naked eye. That is why I’m here to teach you about the hidden gems that Peru holds as we immerse ourselves deep into Peruvian culture.

Let’s get started!

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