La Costa

La costa (in English “the coast”) is one of Peru’s three main geographical regions. These regions are all special and unique, especially when looking at their geography, climate, food, and overall culture.

The Peruvian coast accounts for approximately 11% of the area of the country, stretching over 2,500 kilometers in length ( There are many desert-like areas surrounding it, as well as bountiful beaches and rocky coast-lines.


It’s climate averages from hot, almost all year round, to cold in the winter (April through October). It’s also slightly humid, with some fog and slight rain in the winter. Overall I’d say for those planning to come to the coastal areas of Peru (e.g. Mancora, Lima, etc.) in the winter to bring lots of warm clothing.


My favorite part of the coast, apart from the beach, is the food. Since the coastal areas are so close to the sea, the reigning gastronomic aspect of it is seafood. Great dishes like “Ceviche” and “Arroz con Mariscos” can be found fresh at most restaurants around the seashore.

Ceviche is one of the most interesting Peruvian dishes because it is made through a special process in which fish (sole, tilapia, etc.), is marinated with lemon or lime juices just enough to make it safe to consume, preserving the nutrients and adding a whole new flavor to the seafood palette.

My Recommendations:

For beautiful beaches and great summer activities I recommend visiting Mancora, Paracas and Trujillo, as I can say with experience that they are great coastal areas for vacationing.

I also recommend taking a look at NomadicMatt’s “Peru Travel Guide” for great tips on where to go exactly and how to stay within budget while touring the country.




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