Peru, as Seen by Locals

Before starting this blog let me first give credit to who inspired this idea, Liane Wan (check out her blog here

Peru is a country best known for having incredible touristic areas like Machu Pichu and lots of diverse and delicious food; an overall great country to visit. However, those who are native to the country see it in way that is very different from an outsider’s perspective. As a native tourist, I’ve always been able to share the views of both an outsider and an insider when viewing my country of origin.

I recently got together with my father and grandfather in Peru, and thought, why not get their thoughts on Peru as a country, and see how that has changed through the generations. Here are the results:

Describe Peru in your own words?

  • Marcos Casaretto (age 73)

“It’s a beautiful country. It’s cozy, friendly. The people aren’t as ill-mannered as they are in other countries, I think, I don’t know that many countries, but it’s a good place.”

  • Renzo Casaretto (age 41)

“Peru is a country that has a lot of interesting things, culturally its very diverse. Not just the indigenous culture, but also many other cultures that have come, I mean, Peru was born with the Incas, and little by little it acquired different things from the different cultures that came. region wise, Peru has three regions, the highlands, the jungle and the coast, and in each are interesting things to do. There’s also the people who are interesting, the food, all that. How would I describe Peru? a country with a lot of nuances, geographically, people wise and food wise.”

  • Renzo A. Casaretto (age 19)

“Peru, to me, is a country filled with different things to explore. Everything, ranging from a flower to an apartment building, has a pretty interesting history. There are different cultures, all with different background too. As someone who doesn’t know a lot about his own country, the excitement of getting to explore all these things can be pretty overwhelming”

What’s your favorite part about Peru?

  • Marcos Casaretto (73)

“The capital (Lima) because you can get to know people from all around Peru, every language, every culture. It has a good climate, better than other Peruvian cities”

  • Renzo Casaretto (41)

“I like Lima, because it has a little bit of everything. You can find parts of the highlands, parts of the jungle and parts of the coast, and you have everything you need in one place. It’s more cosmopolitan, that’s why I like it, I’m more cosmopolitan, I like the concrete jungle. The food is also excellent.”

  • Renzo A. Casaretto (19)

“My favorite part about Peru is hand down the food. I have never had anything like it, and trust me when I say that there is no equal to Peru’s diverse gastronomy. Each region has a different variation for the same dish, and each has it’s own unique ingredients to make it with. One thing that I have noticed is that there are three core ingredients that make up most Peruvian dishes, those are meat (whether it be beef, chicken, fish ,etc.), rice, and potatoes. Some of my favorite dishes are “Lomo Saltado” (which is dish involving beef with french fries and rice) and “Papa a la Huancaina” (a dish that involves potatoes with a special sauce).

What do you recommend doing? What not?

  • Marcos Casaretto (73)

“To do? get out of the capital to do some sightseeing, see ancient cultures, the people, the different provinces, the beautiful jungle, the highlands, which is the most indigenous region. The Coast is a beautiful part of Peru, especially because it has such a great climate”

  • Renzo Casaretto (41)

“Get to know the three regions of Peru. Get to know the food. There’s the highlands, the jungle, and the coast that are all totally different. In the coast we have beautiful beaches. In the highlands we have lakes, volcanoes, mountains. In the jungle we have waterfalls, rivers, a bunch of things. Each place has something to offer. What I wouldn’t recommend is for one to stay a short amount of time here, you need a lot of time to get to know everything”

  • Renzo A. Casaretto (19)

“I recommend trying everything, whether it be food, travelling, or any other kind of activity that might seem a little risky. Some Peruvian dishes might seem strange at first, but they are definitely worth trying, even if it’s just the sheer experience of it. Peru is also filled with beautiful beaches that are worth exploring that can be found in Paracas, Máncora, or Lima. I also recommend doing your research, as there are some things that one who hasn’t been to Peru before has to watch out for.”

Any additional messages?

  • Marcos Casaretto (73)

“Everyone should come and get to know Peru, it’s one of the best countries of South America”

  • Renzo Casaretto (41)

“Chincha is a nice place to visit, they have great music”

  • Renzo A. Casaretto (19)

“Peru is a great place that I think everyone should visit at least once”



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